About us


-A Support Project for Commercialization and Commercialization of SW Convergence Cluster Technology in Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering
“Autonomous Ship Performance Analaysis Service based on Simulation”

-Marine industry demand-based technology development business
“Development of a location transmitter for marine survivors and a drone operation system for tracking and searching”

-Certification of venture businesses


-ICT Development Support Project (Funding by IITP)
“Shiporne Security Framework and System Development for the Marine Equipment and Network Protection”

– A project to establish a testing and certification center(Voyage Data Recorder Performance Testing System)

– Core technology development project for the shipbuilding and marine industry (Funding by KEIT) 

“Development of the Source Technology of Operational Control Artificial Intelligence Systems for Autonomous Ships

– R&D service business registration
– Establishment of R&D dedicated department
– Company name changed to C&P Korea
– Registering the Cassens & Plath GmbH Agent
– Second CEO Jang Won-seok takes office
– Economic Cooperation Initiative Industry Promotion Project
Participation in the “Development of Core Parts Production Technology for Localization of Azimuth Thrutter” project
– Foundation of JIINTECH Co., Ltd.